Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Where oh where have I been?  On Modwalls.com spending hours pouring over tiles to start a kitchen backsplash project.  Basically spending my bonus check that has not yet arrived.  New stove, new backsplash...I want it all.

The tile is to die for.  Subway 3 x 6 glass tiles?!  And funky fun colors that I can't get anyone else in the house to agree on.  After ordering 10 tile samples and passing out post it notes, I asked everyone to narrow the choice down to four.  These two had the most votes...

Lush 3x6 "Reef"

Lush 3x6 "Taupe"

Very neutral guy colors.  Now I have to get creative to make this work.  Planning on before-middle-after photos to be on the blog once I settle on the design and price. 
So stay tuned.....